About Kunstenplatform PLAN B

Kunstenplatform PLAN B supports artists in various disciplines in producing, presenting and reflecting on their artistic practice in the rural context. This is done through location-specific projects which are created both on our own initiative (Dorpsdramaturgie, Veldwerk, Kunstenfestival PLAN B) and at the invitation of various initiatives and organisations (including KONVOOI, Uitwijken). Recurring themes are the collective, the non-urban and the small-scale. 

At the moment Kunstenplatform PLAN B is working on the residency trajectory Veldwerk III, the learning network Areaal and the research trajectory Dorpsdramaturgie.

At this moment our website is only available in Dutch. Though if you have any questions, don't hesitate to send an e-mail in English or French. You can also follow us on Instagram (@kunstenplatformplanb) where we communicate in English. 

Coordination: Leontien Allemeersch, Vincent Focquet, Ewoud Vermote

Graphic- and webdesign: Hayen Bonneure

Board of Directors: Ciel Grommen, Zeynep Kubat, Eva Pot

Kunstenplatform PLAN B was founded in 2015 by Jonathan Bonny, Jane Coppin, Leontien Allemeersch


Kunstenplatform PLAN B is made possible by the generous support of the Flemish Government.

For each project we work together with various partners including Netwerk Aalst, C-Mine, CIFAS, Uitwijken (Brugge +), Het Entrepot, Gouvernement, de Koer, WALPURGIS, Trage Wegen, AR-TUR, Seasonal Neighbours, Ginter, Manoeuvre, nadine, VIERNULVIER, Studio DEVET, TAAT, Croxhaphox,...


Kunstenplatform PLAN B vzw
Groot-Brittanniëlaan 90A, 9000 Gent

+32 (0) 493 66 49 49
[email protected]

BE 0658.867.649

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Image: Field trip for Veldwerk I by Bert Villa © Bert Villa