Publication presentation Veldwerk II

May 21, 2023, de Koer, Ghent

With Veldwerk, each year Kunstenplatform PLAN B invites a group of artists to carry out an artistic research in the rural space. During the second edition, these artists were Daems van Remoortere & Fallow, Sebastiaan Willemen & Lola Daels, Joris De Rycke, Lucas Devolder, Karolina Michalik and The Post Collective & Anna Housiada.

Each tackled very different themes: from commons to saline agriculture, from labor migration to the impact of dams on ecosystems, from a nature documentary to an investigation into how we can relate to new landscapes. More information on the artists and their trajectories can be found here.

Now we look back with a publication, documenting and exploring the process of the various trajectories. We are also screening three films linked to or created during Veldwerk II. More info on these films can be found below. Welcome!


14h: Come pick up your publication
15h30: Start film program (approx. 100')
18h: End

Address: de Koer, Meibloemstraat 86, 9000 Ghent

This is a free event. For publication we use a PWYC system of 10 - 15 - 20 euro (cash or payconiq). 

Film program:

REROOTING (2023, 19')
the Post (Film) Collective
Subtitled in English

In this film, a multitude of voices, languages and translations are spun together like the threads of a spider's web. Together they bridge a space in which the creators seek to understand and reinforce each other, deepening their relationship to nature. The voices wander and echo through the forest, making their way along uninhabited paths. A vast space unfolds: a space that belongs to no one, but also to everyone - just as this film is also the work of many authors together.


perpendicular parallels (2023, +- 20')
Karolina Michalik
Subtitled in English

Seasonal labor migration remains a socio-cultural blind spot. From that observation, 'perpendicular parallels' charts a multitude of themes and contexts surrounding this form of work and life. In the wake of a Polish-written job posting sent out by a West Flanders mushroom farm, different perspectives are brought together to trace this blind spot. Using mushrooms as guides, like the invisible threads of mycellium making connections underground, different experiences of identity and community, tradition and heritage, time and seasonality, and different relationships to nature are connected.


Ruderalia (2023, +- 60')
Joris De Rycke
Dutch spoken, subtitled in English

From a hiker's perspective, we look at places where resources have been or are being mined on an industrial scale. Soon the geological history of these places and the ecosystems that develop there appear. The camera looks around and zooms in on the small: rocks, insects, and a starring role for plants. They are characters who give expression to the place they are in. If the place changes, the plants will eventually disappear and make way for other species. In this way, they are connected not only to the soil, but also to the events that shape the landscape.

With the support of the Flemish government and the city of Ghent.

Filmstills REROOTING, perpendicular parallels, Ruderalia